Why do I need a bore?

With close to 40% of your water use going straight onto your garden, installing a bore makes a lot of sense. The benefits are clear:

  • You’ll save money on your water bills
  • You can water more often
  • Bore water is untreated, meaning your garden will enjoy the earth’s natural minerals

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How long will it take to install my new bore?

In most cases the entire process can be completed within 2 days. Day one consists of drilling, casing and flushing the bore. On day 2 we install the stainless steel submersible pump with our bore electrician coming in to connect it to the power grid and link it to the reticulation controller (if required). Finally, the reticulation system is installed (if required), or connected to an existing reticulation system.

How much will the job cost?

The cost of installing a water bore varies from house to house as it all depends on the depth to water at your property. The cost will be laid out for you in our free, fixed price quote. We have different payment options to make it easier for you. Payments can even be made by installments over a 3-month period if necessary. Please see our Payment Options for more details and contact us for a free quote.

Do I need a groundwater license for my new garden bore?

Within the Perth metropolitan area, the answer is no. The Rights in Water and Irrigation Act 1914 provides an exemption from licence requirements for domestic garden bores within the Perth metropolitan area.

How deep do you need to drill?

The depth we need to drill to varies with your location.

All depths are provided by the Department of Water according to their specifications. We use their website to obtain the water charts and tables associated with each particular job.

See an explanation and image of Groundwater Depth or visit the Perth Groundwater Atlas.

Can I drink my bore water?

Not everyone has access to mains water, and in most cases it is fine to drink your bore water. It is necessary to have it properly tested by an accredited testing authority first, and it must then be periodically monitored for continued suitability. Occasionally some form of treatment is required before it is suitable to drink.

Can I use bore water in my swimming pool?

In many cases the answer is yes! However, you do need to have the water tested first. Hardness, iron content and pH are particularly important factors to consider. Simple tests can be conducted by any pool shop, or more detailed testing can be performed by specialist laboratories. We can make recommendations if required.

Can I have a tap off my bore?

Yes. It is a good idea to install a tap off your bore as this will give you the freedom to do extra watering when needed or even top up your pool. We can test your water to ensure suitability.

Can my existing irrigation system be connected to my new bore?

Absolutely! If you have an existing irrigation system we can simply connect your new bore to it and disconnect your current system from the mains water supply.

Will my new bore take up a lot of space?

No, the bore is very small and compact. Only the bore box will be visible measuring around 30cm x 40cm.

I have an old well, but when I run the pump no water comes out – what could be wrong?

Firstly, please do not run the pump if no water is coming out – it can be seriously damaged!

There are various possible issues here, including:

  • a priming issue – no water in the pump
  • a leak somewhere below the pump
  • the check valve may need replacing
  • air leakage into the pipe down near the water table
  • a problem in the reticulation e.g. blockage, valve not opening etc.

There are also other possibilities, so contact us for a free assessment and quote.

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− John Di Pietro

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